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La Leona is a traditional coffee farm in Gaitania, municipality of Planadas, Tolima. In 2006 it won its first Cup of Excellence award and since then the quality of its coffee has begun to be recognised internationally. Under the slogan of the Taste of Dedication, La Leona continues to surprise with a quality coffee, which is also part of the Paths to Peace programme.


For her work she has been a finalist in competitions for innovative coffee projects, but her efforts to transform her story and that of her region have made her stand out in recent years and the name of La Leona, which is the name of Laura's family farm, is getting louder and louder as she begins to try different processes and to make the transition to organic farming.


 The results of all the efforts are reflected in an incredible product.  The variety is red caturra and the cup is very aromatic coffee with a very balanced body and notes of toffee and fig. Very sweet and fruity.

La Leona Gaitania - Planadas - Tolima

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