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Privacy and Cookies Policy

This Privacy and Cookies Policy establishes the basis on which CAROL VELASQUEZ GONZALEZ (hereinafter, "SOUL AND BEANS"), with address at C/ Bailen 122, 2-1, Barcelona Spain, treats your personal data when you provide them to us during your experience through the website (hereinafter, "the Website") enabled to interact with the online sales platform of products, services and functionalities related to the brand

SOUL AND BEANS brand in Spain (collectively, "the Platform").

Whenever when using the Platform you provide us with or it is necessary for us to access any type of information that due to its characteristics allows us to identify you, such as your name and surname, e-mail, billing or shipping addresses, telephone number, type of device or debit or credit card number, etc., you may provide us with any information that allows us to identify you.

credit card number, etc. (hereinafter, "Personal Data"), whether to browse the same, buy our products or make use of its services or features, will be under the application of this Privacy and Cookies Policy, along with the Terms of Use and Purchase, the Wallet Conditions and other documents referenced therein (collectively "the Terms and Conditions") in force at any time, and you should review these texts to verify that you agree with them.




Remember that before you start using any of our services or functionalities, you should read in this Privacy and Cookies Policy, as well as in the Terms and Conditions the specific section about them. In this section you will be able to see if there is any particular condition for its use, or if it requires a specific treatment of your

a specific treatment of your Personal Data. Failure to provide certain information marked as mandatory, may mean that it is not possible to manage your registration as a user or the use of certain features or services available through the Platform.

The user hereby guarantees that the Personal Data provided are true and accurate and undertakes to notify any change or modification thereof. In the event that you provide us with Personal Data of third parties, you are responsible for having informed and obtained their consent to be provided with such data.

consent of these to be provided for the purposes indicated in the relevant sections of this Privacy Policy and Cookies. Any loss or damage caused to the Platform or to the person responsible for the Platform or to any third party through the communication of erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete information in the registration forms shall be the sole responsibility of the user.


SOUL AND BEANS, as the responsible party, will process your Personal Data for the following purposes:


1. To manage your registration as a user of the Platform: The Personal Data you provide will be processed to identify you as a user of the Platform and give you access to its different functionalities, products and services that are available to you as a registered user.

2.The development, fulfillment and execution of the contract of sale of the products or services you have purchased or any other contract with Us through the Platform. In particular, You shall take into account the following:

i. In case you choose the option to save your payment (card) data, you expressly authorize Us to process the data indicated as necessary for the activation and development of the functionality. The card security code (CVV or CVC) is only used to make the current purchase, and will not be stored or further processed as part of your card data. The consent for the activation of this functionality, allows that your data appear autocompleted in later purchases, reason why it will not be necessary to introduce your data of payment in each new process, and they will be understood valid and effective for the next purchase.

will be considered valid and in force for subsequent purchases. You can modify or delete your cards at any time through the section My Account<Payment Data. We store and transmit your card data in accordance with the main international standards of confidentiality and security for credit and debit cards. The use of this functionality may require for security reasons the modification of your password. Remember that the security in the use of the Platform also depends on the correct use and conservation of certain confidential passwords.


ii. In the event that you have proceeded to purchase a Gift Card, if you provide us with personal data of third parties, you are responsible for having informed and obtained their consent so that, in accordance with the Terms of Use and Purchase of the Platform, we process their data for (a) the management of the shipment or verification of receipt of the Gift Card, and (b) fulfill the requests that you or such third party plant us.

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