Women Producers

Years of dedication to deliver the best coffee

Our coffees began their journey in the Colombian mountains, produced 100% by women who are committed to each detail throughout the production process, engaging high standards of quality.


Why Women Producers

Rural women in Colombia have suffered from the historical oblivion of the State,

the indifference of urban and rural society, and public policies that have failed to effectively direct resources to reduce gender inequality, promote their autonomy and freedoms, and

transform their living conditions.

The threefold discrimination to which the rural women for the fact that they live together culturally in a patriarchal structure, preventing them from accessing the to productive resources and assets in an equitable manner rural areas, fundamental to their social and economic development.

Having been direct victims of violence, displacement and forced recruitment in times of conflict

have affected their development and opportunities for a very long time.

After the end of the armed conflict in rural areas, women have taken a more active role in the productive structure by joining cooperatives, most of them assuming by force the role reserved for men.

Investment in training and improvements to both the environment and society has been a point that has changed their perception within their social nuclei, the economic and social results have led them to be acknowledged but even access to better markets in a fairway is a constant that affects their lives.

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